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June 27, 2013

2 Years Old!!!

Levi Man is two!!!!!!
Here are some pics and facts about Levi.
6 Months
6 Months, 1st Christmas
12 Months
1 Year, Birthday Party

16 Months

18 Months

2 years old today!!!!
Matt and I got him his first "bike" we wanted him to have something to open on his birthday instead of waiting til his party Saturday. He also enjoyed his birthday muffin!!!
Matt stayed around this morning to wish him a happy birthday!!


What Levi is up to at 2 yrs old:
*Weighs 28 lbs
*Loves all kinds of Fruit, Will not eat Veggies
*Can count 1-10
*Knows shapes: Circle, triangle, square and star and can say their names
*Know all primary colors (sometimes mixes up red and yellow)
*Has fairly large vocabulary, but still speaks jibberish now and then
*Loves to be outdoors helping mommy water flowers, playing with any type of ball, swinging outside, playing with daddy
*Sleeps 10 hrs overnight in his toddler bed, still takes great nap between 2-3 Hrs
*Loves to read, puzzles, color, and stack blocks
*Picky Eater, but eats well
*Wears size 8 shoe and size 5 diaper (when he is in disposables)
*Can reach, turn and open all doors and some locks
*Loves to sing and dance
*Loves tractors and cars
*Loves Barney, Blues Clues, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, VeggieTales
*Loves church and his Life Group teachers, knows them by name
*He gives the best hugs in the world
*Loves any kind of candy....takes after me =)
*Loves Jesus stories and books
So excited for him to be 2 yrs old! I know this last year has been full of changes and growing up for him and I anticipate lots of new things this year too.......example....potty training and welcoming a new brother or sister. EEK!

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  1. What do you mean EEK.......GIRL POWER!!!!!!!