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June 24, 2013

Random Pics from Levi's 22 Month

{yes, I am that far behind posting pics}
Here is som epics of Levi from April/May
Lawnmower fun!
Looking at chickens at the trio's house
Playing Golf with Daddy
Silly Levi always likes trying on masks
Muffin Monday
Sam's Trip

A New Way to ride in the Stroller

Bubble Time with Fubbles
Tricycle Fun
Levi lost his soocer ball in the rainwater drain
Some utility workers saw this happen and helped Levi out and rescued his ball =)
Hammer Time

I made a car track using painters tape on our rug
Levi Man turns 2 Thursday. Can you believe it?!?!
Also, don't forget to vote boy or girl for baby #2 on my right sidebar!



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