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April 1, 2013

Random Pics {March}

Window clings from the $ store

Outside play

Giving Azul treats


Avoiding naptime =)

Loves to wash his hands

Headed out to dinner with the parents!

Dinner out

Can you spot Azul?

Calling our next door neighbor's dog "roxy" through the fence

Nursery sticker from church. I wore it like this most of the morning. lol

Loves to read books in mommy/daddy's bed

Also loves the recordable books from G.T

Doing hair one night, I decided to do Velo's hair too.

Visit to G.T's work

Always goes and gets the walking canes at nanny Lou's

Dr. Visit


He has a towel in his hand. If ever he spills anything, he runs through the house and grabs a towel and cleans it up.

Fun toddler activity. Ice in a bowl. Levi loves this!

Reading a book in the garage

Typical way a man watches tv, right? Hands in pants? J/K. LOL!

Ball Pit fun

Strike a pose {with sunglassees}

Easter Bunny at Michaels


And here are 3 carseat pics. I seem to always have several of these. I guess because he is actually sitting still =)

Love my Levi Man!

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  1. I just got what you were talking about ( the sticker from church) LOL I love you XX MOM OO