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March 27, 2013

Easter Fun!

Levi and I went to our neighbor;s for a playdate last week. Maggie and I did 3 Easter crafts to teach our little ones about Easter.
1st, I made some Toddler Resurrection Eggs and Maggie shared the Easter story using these.
Then we painted Easter Crosses
I hung the one Levi painted in the entryway by our pantry. I would like to have him paint one every year to see how different he paints them each year! How sweet =)
We then baked resurrection rolls to teach the little ones the Easter Story! This was the neatest thing!!

After you bake them, the "tomb" is empty!

Levi's G.T (my mom) saw the painted crosses and asked Levi to paint her one. We headed back to Michaels's and picked up 2 more for $1ea! He had fun painted them again!
I love teaching Levi things through art, baking (although I burn almost everything I try to bake!) , etc!
Easter is about our Risen Lord! The greatest holiday for a believing Christian! I want Levi to know what Easter is truly about!!!


  1. Thanks sis for my cross. Levi can learn alot while doing art projects. Most of all it's the time ya'll spend together that matters the most. Kiss Levi for me. Love you. XX Mom OO

  2. I have my cross hanging on the wall next to my desk. Everyone has asked about it. Thanks again. Love ya.....XX mom OO