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April 4, 2013


Matt and I have been needing barstools for a looong time. We have always made due with just 1 =). After purchasing our table, we decided to save on the barstools.
Matt built these in a few hours
I always end up with the finishing part, which is fine, but I am very impatient and I hate sanding.
Here are a few pics of the staining process

Here they are finished. We still had to add fabric to the top

Completely finished! Love the fabric. Thanks Lindsey, for helping me pick it out.

A few more pics....just because I am so proud of them . =)

 You like?


  1. Girl you have so much more energy than I do. Just tackling spray painting a mirror was enough for me. One day I'll have more time to do it and I'll know just who to come to for help and tips ;)

  2. sis, the bar stools turned out really good. I like the color and the pattern.Good job. XX mom OO