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April 11, 2013

Top 10...Baby/Toddler Items that I Love

I used to do top 10 lists all the time.

 I wanted to get back to doing them occasionally.

Here are my top 10 things that I have loved having to take care of Levi.

I definitely have more than ten favorite things.

These are in no particular order except my #1. =)
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Twilight Turtle

Levi loves having the stars on at naptime and night. If I forget to turn them on he is quick to remind me! It has three different color options too!
Product Details

Happy Heiny's Cloth Diapers

These have been awesome cloth diapers! He has been in the same ones since 3 weeks old. This brand you can wash with Tide (unlike other brands that suggest using their brand detergent) and you can dry the shells and inserts!


Skip Hop Monkey Bag

Love this bag for once your baby graduates from the big diaper bag. Its actually really roomy.

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Skip Hop Diaper Bag: Versa Cream Links

This was an awesome diaper bag. Lots of storage. Stylish for the momma to carry!

Safety 1 Booster

This is a great booster seat . Easy to transport and clean! and only $12

<em>Safety 1st</em> - Sit! <em>Booster</em>, Green
White Noise by Pedia Sleep

Seriously, do not know what I would do without this white noise cd and ipod download. Lifesaver!!

Sleepy Wrap

This was also a life saver when Levi was a baby. Best baby carrier!!

Recordable Books

Levi's G.T started a tradition of getting Levi a recordable book each bday and Christmas. He has 3 now and He loves these!

Food Pouches

Can not say enough good things about these lifesavers. Levi is finally able to eat them by himself. We always have a 20-30 min drive basically anywhere we go, we both approve of these for on the go! Not to mention, this is the only way he will eat veggies =)

and my #1....

The Lord

I would be completely lost parenting Levi without seeking wisdom and understanding from the Lord. He is the quickest resourse to my questions and for that I am thankful!

What are you favorite baby/toddler items?


  1. Did you know that Babies r us has something (forget the name) where you can
    Ake your own pouches? The pouches aren't reusable (I don't think) but it is a great way to customize your own pouches. My kids still love the applesauce pouches and they are fantastic for on the go!

  2. I'm glad I made the top 10 list. Love that little man.