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February 24, 2013

New Kitchen Table!

Remember this post about Matt and I wanting to build a table and bench that would seat six?
Well...we did get a table, but opted to purchase one instead. We found this particular table by accident while walking through Sam's one day. Matt saw it first then told me about it later. Then I saw it another day. We both went together just to look at how it was made so Matt could "copy" the design.
I eventually asked "why not just buy this one?"
After many back and forth questions and weighing pros/cons, we bought the table.
The pros
Getting our weekends back(no weekends being tied up)
Not having to buy lumber and trying to get it home
We agreed on the style
4 New chairs (we were going to use our old ones)
We could have it before our care group dinners start
The table was a bit more expensive than it would have been to build one, but was still priced very nice. No splurges! =)
So onto the pics shall we?
Here is our old dining table
(this table has served us well over the last 7 yrs!)
Ready for an upgrade!
Picture on New Table Box

Putting the base of table together

Voila! Love, Love, Love the X frame!

New Bench
*We put these together while Levi was napping*

After his nap, Levi tried out the new bench! He looked so tiny =)

We used our old dining chairs for a few nights until we put the new ones together.

Here it is with the new chairs
And one more without Levi in the picture
I love it! I really like the height of the backs of the new chairs! We also think that the new table actually fits our dining room better! What do you think?
Before                                                              After

Matt did spend most of yesterday building 2 new barstools for us! We will then have seating for 8! Post on barstools coming soon. We have to stain and find a fun fabric for the tops of the seats!

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