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February 22, 2013

All Things Valentine's!

Our Valentine's started the Saturday before with a vday party for our care group from church. Our sweet friends Jason and Sara opened up their home to us and 6 other couples.
Sara and I decorated before everyone got there. We used scrapbook paper as chargers and used clear plates and goblets and of course lots of candles!

The ladies all cooked dinner together. We had a blast! The dinner was so delicious.
The Menu?
Marinated Pork Tenderloin, Herbed Basmati Rice, Roasted Broccoli, Salad with Homemade dressings, Homemade Strawberry Lemonade(awesome!) and Red Velvet Poke Cake.
Prepping for dinner!

Ready to Eat!

While we were cooking dinner, all the guys had to go on a vday mission
Their mission:
Spend $5 and get their wives (3) things:
1.) A card
***remember this for later explanation***
2.) Something Heart shaped
3.) Something that reminded them of their wife
They all brainstormed and ended up at the Dollar Tree. Smart Guys, huh?
The Guys!
After dinner, the guys revealed what they bought their wives and then we had a "get to know you" game. I should have specified and been more thorough with the instructions because the guys didnt even sign their cards, lol. They kept saying "all it said was, a card". And of course, Matt took it to a whole new level and got me a "Congratulations on your new home" card. All it said was "a card" remember? I thought it was hilarious and I kept it =)
We had a great time!

 Our Life Group ministers to a sweet lady who lost her husband of cancer a few years ago. We all chipped in money and gave her flowers, chocolates, a gift card to a restaurant and her favorite memory verse framed. Levi and I had the opportunity to play "cupid" and delivered it all to her work.
She was overjoyed!
What a sweet way to minister to widows esp on a holiday like Valentine's!

Valentine's morning, I woke up to this!
"I Love U" spelled out in qtips. Isn't Matt clever? and sweet?
and this poem
"Roses are Red
Our dog is blue
Here's to another great
Vday spent w/YOU
Love ya much!

Aunt Lindsey sent this vday package to Levi! Thanks Aunt Lindsey
And G.T (Grandma Tillman) my mom sent Levi and Matt and I Vday cards. Levi got $1 in his. Thanks G.T

and my little valentine went with me to get the tastiest vday dinner ever!!!
We are laid back people. Pizza sounded great!

So thankful for my sweet guys, our sweet family and friends! What a great Valentine's day 2013!!

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  1. It looks like there was alot of love in the air. The dinner looked great. Also, Matt is just too cleaver. I like the card thing. I love you all very much. Kiss Levi for me. XX MOM XX