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February 20, 2013

{2} Major Milestones....in one week!!!

Levi kicked the paci and got his 1st haircut this past week. WoOhOo!!!
It all started Valentine's day and I was putting away some outgrown clothes of his and got to thinking it was high time to get rid of his paci too. I cut the tip off of his beloved paci, and gave it to him. He took it out of his mouth and looked at me funny. A few minutes later, I realized he still had it in his mouth....but upside down. I knew then, we had to do this cold turkey.

2 days later, minimal naps and 4x a night waking up, we have done it. Its been a week and naps are back and so is night sleeping...for all of us! It still takes him close to 30 min before falling asleep for the night, but he is doing great!
Glad that is behind us!!!
Matt has been wanting to cut Levi's hair for awhile, but I just wasn't ready. He does not have alot of hair as it is, but what he did have was unruly and fuzzy, lol. So I cut the sides and back of his hair Friday night. The top lays nicely so I didn't touch the top.

He did amazing, sat very still
(was even able to go around his ears).

He made this hairstylist momma very proud!!


He got 2 m&m's for being such a big boy. That is the reason for the smile =)

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  1. Sis, He didn't have that much hair to begin with. LOL. I'm glad the pacifier thing didn't go on for weeks. He adjusted really fast. I love you all. Kiss Levi for me. XX MOM OO