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February 19, 2013


Here are a bunch of random pics from the last several weeks!
Watching Barney at Nanny's house

I heard Levi laughing one day and when I went to see what he was laughing at, I saw this stray dog at our door.

Azul figured out something wasn't right and soon chased the stray dog away with his bark

Saved nearly $50 on my grocery bill!

Busted Lip

Drawing with a pen

Helping in the kitchen

Playdate at the Trio's house

Daddy's shoes

Kitchen Helper while watching Barney

1st wall offense, lol.

Ice Cream


Afternoon walk

Outside Play

Date Night at new local Mexican Restaurant

Thanks G.T (Grandma Tillman) for watching Levi!

When asked who was in the picture (me) Levi said Azul. lol

Big Boy with Big Beautiful Blue eyes

Sweet Boy
He is really into stuffed animals right now

Snack while waiting for our car in valet at church


Getting into everything

Helping Nanny at work

New Lunch box

Still fits in swing, although he is getting too heavy for me to lift that high =)


Azul sunning

Walking in mommy's shoes


Precious Picture. He is about to give Azul his treat

Big boy carrying new lunch box to bible study

Church demolition at church. New coffee shop and more open welcome center coming soon.

Food cooking demo during MOMs bible study

Chalk Fun

Baking cake for vday party

Coloring at Nanny's

Giving Azul his treat (this is an everyday thing)

Hope you enjoyed random pics of our Levi Man! =)


  1. Did you guys go to Margaritas? I saw that you guys had one when I came out there Saturday and thought it was new. We LOVE Margaritas! Maybe one Friday night we can meet there and eat with all the cousins :) that might be fun lol!

  2. Those are some really cute pics sis. I'm so glad to see you doing so many different things with him. If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops oh what a rain that would be.....I love you!! XX MOM OO