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February 6, 2013

Lake Day and Pump It Up

I will be playing blog catch up the next several posts!
A few weeks ago, Matt, Levi and I headed to nanny and papa's lake house for the day. Matt wanted to help his dad with a new deck he was building. Levi, his nanny and I enjoyed the cool day outside playing with rocks or wocks as Levi calls them.
Finally got him to sit still but no smile

watching papa work
His is being the supervisor
watching Daddy

Levi liked picking up rocks and putting them in this bag. We had a fun day! Looking forward to many weekends at the lake this summer!


 A week or two ago, we met Aunt Lindsey and Cousin A at Pump it Up. This was Levi's first experience.
He really enjoyed everything until it got really busy

He looks so big going up the ladder. Of course, I was right behind him

Cousin A loved the slide. She is 11 months older than Levi

Levi wasnt so sure about all the people. It was a little overcrowded

We decided to go into the other inflatable room, it was a little less crowded in there. He loved all the balls

Our turn at the slide

Not sure what is up with my hair, lol. I will blame it on going up and over and under so many obstacles while carrying Levi through the inflatable maze. He looks like he is not having fun, but he did! Just not so smiley

Cousin A and Levi

Two great days and fun times!!


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  1. I'm so glad that your able to take Levi places. Just think, if you were working how much fun you would miss. I love ya'll. Kiss Levi amd hug Azule. XXOO mom