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February 4, 2013

A Day in the Life of Levi: 19 Months

7 am: Levi wakes up as I am doing my quiet time reading in the chronological niv bible.
7:15am I fix Azul's food, start load of cloth diapers, text Matt about dinner, get Azul up and let him outside.
7:30am Get Levi up (I never get him up before 7:30a, he usually just plays until I get him up. Most days he sleeps til 7:30 anyways) Change his diaper, Fix him bfast (Whole Wheat Blueberry Waffle, blueberries, and s few reese's puffs) Levi calls waffles (wawulls) =) As I fix bfast, Levi busies himself filling up cups with ice and gives Azul his treat (he LOVES to do this). We sit down for breakfast together and watch The Cat in the Hat.

7:47am Matt confirms through txt that he wants Italian Meatloaf for dinner, I set out ground turkey to thaw.
7:57am While Levi finishes bfast, I unload the dishwasher and refill sippy cups. Clean Levi up from bfast
8:08am Levi helps make the bed watches me wash my face and brush my teeth. He likes playing in the covers and playing music and dancing

8:30am Free Play....read Books
8:47am Levi already asks for snack. I get him a few cheerios (o,os) and a few m&ms. I put diapers in the dryer, Levi helps. I start a load of clothes. Levi vacuums.

8:50am resume playtime, we play cars
9:15am change L's diaper, free play upstairs, brush L's teeth, and I check email about upcoming vday party.

10:00am head downstairs, put clothes in dryer and stuff diapers, Levi gets into drawers.

10:15am Levi's 2nd snack of the morning, rice cakes. (he normally only gets one snack, but I left the pantry door open =) I have trail mix, Levi begs says please for my m&ms.

10:30am check mail, send txts about upcoming care group dinners, look through kroger ad.
We play with puzzles, shape sorting, build with blocks. Azul finally crawls out from his bed and joins in the fun. Push Levi around in car and watch Baby Genius dvd.
11:07am fold laundry
11:30 Fix L's lunch: Grilled Cheese, pickle, raisans, crackers and water. He watches Barney. I have ham rollups string cheese and pickle.
Make Matt's lunch
11:47am Clean Levi up from lunch. He has caught his 2nd wind and is running around crazy.
12pm Outside play (we had a very warm day)
12:20 head upstairs, change L's diaper, Levi has "room time" (we have started letting levi play in his room for about 15 min with a gate up. I think it is good for him to have solo play) unfortunately, he screams so we have stopped "room time" for now.
12:30 pm Lights out for nap
12:35 Give Azul a bath (he got into something while we were outside and he smelled horrible)
I shower myself, finish quiet time reading, clean lunch dishes
1:10pm Talk to Matt on his lunch break, prep meatloaf for dinner, check emails, wright blog post, nap
3:15pm Levi is up from nap, change his diaper. He eats snack: Juice, craisans and a few cookie crisps.
3:40pm Head to Sonic for happy hour, we drop shirts off at cleaners, played outside and chatted with neighbor Kim, who has a 11 week old daughter.
5pm Head inside and start dinner
5:11pm Matt gets home, YAY!
5:30 Matt changes Levi's diaper
5:45 Sit down to dinner, prayer sticks.
6pm Levi/Daddy play. I clean the kitchen
6:05pm Family Playtime. We color.
6:30 Levi needs another diaper change =)
7pm Levi snack: Pumpkin Spice Applesauce (he squeals "Sauce") He loves his sauce or yogurt.
7:08 Let Azul out, Head upstairs for playtime
7:45pm Get Levi ready for bed, pjs and brush teeth. Matt reads stories and prays with Levi
8pm Lights Out for Levi, I get Azul's food ready for the next day, get Matt's coffee ready.
8:15pm Levi is asleep, Matt and I relax and read, clip coupons, etc.
9:00pm Lights out for Matt, I read til about 10pm. Storms come through and I am up at 12:30-1:15a waiting for the sirens to stop. Fall back asleep.
That is quite a day, huh? I am so blessed to be able to spend my days at home with my favorite little guy. Thankful to the Lord who makes it all possible and for a hard working husband who would do anything to keep me at home with Levi!

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  1. I forget how much work goes into a day with a toddler. I guess that's one of the reasons that makes being a Grand mother special. I love you.