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January 3, 2013

To Do in 2013 (Not Resolutions)

I am not a resloution fan so this is my 2013 To-Do List. I always have a list I am working on at home and things actually get marked off so this is the route for me.
Here it is....
{in no particular order}
  • Have people over for dinner more often
  • Lose 12 lbs
  • Develop and MAINTAIN a daily quiet time and memorize 12 Scripture Verses that were shared with us at church this past Sunday
  • Take a weekend getaway with Matt {No Levi} =)
  • Be Intentional with our Care Group {Matt and I are new leaders}
  • Make Matt's breakfast more
  • Lead 1 person to Christ
  • Read God's word to Levi
    There is my To-Do List for the Year! Hoping to cross everything off! =)

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