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January 4, 2013

17 Month Pic Wrap Up: Part 1

Blogger is giving me fits lately with uploading pics so his 17 Month pic will have to be in 2 parts
As I was unloading the car one day, Levi let Azul in and helped himself to some fresh air. I found Azul inside and Levi outside. This kid is smart!
He is busy climbing onto everything. He pushed this chair to the counter and screamed when he couldn't touch the ground. Of course I helped him, but I had to snap a pic first =)

He finally figured it out

He loves to scribble

Good Morning Smile

Cool Afternoon Walk

Levi had to get tubes this morning. He did awesome! Thank you for all your prayers lifted up on his behalf. We are blessed to have great family and friends!

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  1. The "Good Morning Smile" picture is adorable!!! Made me smile :)