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January 7, 2013

17 Months Pic Wrap up: Part 2

Levi is the ENT chair enjoying a grape flavored popscicle stick. {the things they use to look at your throat, did you know they come in flavors?} Levi wouldn't give it back =)
Levi man got a pillow pet for being so good at the dr. I felt like he deserved it after being seen by the dr too many times in the past few weeks

having fun with some wrapping paper mommy accidentally left out

Always close by wherever Azul is

"Straw Wars"
{We had fun blowing them at eat other}

Trying to drink bath water.

Sweet Smirk

I did take his 18 month pics but they didnt turn out so well so we had to skip this month. He wouldn't sit still for anything. lol.

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