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December 28, 2012

Freeport, Nassau, (2) FdaS's and a Trip Home

Last Cruise Post =)
Our 2nd Port of Call was Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. Matt and I decided to drop Levi off at Camp Carnival and get off the ship for an hour or two. Now to Levi's G.T and Nanny whoa re reading this, they are probably freaking out to know that we left him on the ship. He was in good hands and we felt 100% comfortable. Seriously. We were never more than 5 min from the ship and it was always in view.
Matt and I got off the ship and headed to the marketplace that was right as you got off the ship. In order to do any excursions, you really needed to take a taxi to Port Lacaya, and we didnt want to do that with Levi not having a carseat.
I liked Freeport because of the people actually making things. Handmade things! We bought a mask, and I love that we were able to see how it was made.

This was the view from inside the Straw Market

We went to a store where everything was made from Bamboo. Shirts, sheets, sunglasses. Really neat. Matt was browsing and I turned around and saw him and that he blended into the wall. I was laughing and made him take the pic. =)

We got back on the ship, got Levi man who had a great time playing and having fun! We got some lunch and took more picture of Freeport from the outside decks.

They were building or refurbishing some ships and we were able to watch huge cranes!

Carnival Miracle

Funny Face Levi!
I made a door sign for our stateroom.
it says:
1st Workman Family Cruise
Dec 2-9, 2012
Key West, Freeport, Nassau
Here is an awesome Crab towel animal
The next day, we were in Nassau. This was the day that Matt came down with the stomach virus and we only got off the ship for a little while. It looked like it was going to thunderstorm. And, boy did it. We were drenched from head to toe. Levi loved it and was squealing with delight the whole time. I had to keep stopping because my contacts kept washing out
Lots of fun indoor shopping.

We got back on the ship while it was quiet and let Matt rest some. Levi and I hung out and ate some lunch.

This is a picture of our room once we got back to our room for the night. Turn down service is awesome. So are the nightly mints =)

Monkey Towel Animal....my favorite!

Levi kept saying "ball" and wanting the ornaments from the trees

Sting Ray Towel Animal
Brushing Teeth last night on the ship

Headed Home

Fast Asleep

Our family pic from the cruise!
We had a great time, and we can't wait to go back....seriously!!!


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  1. I love love love all the pics. I'm so happy that you had a great time but I'm grateful that ya'll are back on dry land. Kiss Levi for me. XX G.T.OO