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December 11, 2012

Levi and His Cousins

Before I start the several posts that will involve cruising =), I wanted to play catch up for a few days!!
These are of Levi and his cousins over Thanksgiving. They enjoyed coloring every day! Levi looks so big next to Cousin D who is 6 and Baby A who is 11 months older than Levi.

He loved watching Looney Tunes on the couch with momma!

And my other nephew who is 9, wanted to help with dinner one night at my in-laws. He made the potatoes. He is so sweet and is getting so big!

Sad to say, but that is really the only pics I have over Thanksgiving and Matt took most of them!

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  1. I kept wondering why your other blog was so "quiet" for so long. I totally forgot you started this one. I have lots to catch up on.