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November 29, 2012

Talking Take-Off

Levi's vocabulary has really taken off these last two weeks. He turned 17 months on the 27th and I wanted to record the things he is saying.
baby: "beebee"
paci: "paceeee"
banana: "nanna"
outside: "siiide"
shoe: "sooo"
diaper: "piper" {Sounds Like!}
Azul: "Sul"
ball: "ba"
dada: "dada"
star: "sar"
yellow: "roro"
blue: "bu"
Thank You: "tan u"
Happy: "hop-eee"
Horse: "hoseee"
Juice: "ju"
Lamby: "mammy"
door: "dough" {Sounds Like!}
Love him so much! He has such a sweet little voice. I am ALWAYS saying "Levi, can you say this?" and "Levi, can you point to this". I may be a broken record, but its working!!!! =)


  1. There he sits with a pen and a little pad;what a handsome lad; that's my boy. PRLFQ spells mom and dad, well that ain't to bad cause that's my boy. Well, you can have your T.V. and your nite clubs, you can have your drive in picture show. I'll stay here with my little man near we'll listen to the radio. Me and GOD watching LEVI grow. Love you soooo much!! XX G.T.OO

  2. Get ready once he gets tubes it's possible for him to start really adding to his vocabulary. This is such a fun age.