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November 28, 2012

Zoo Lights and a Turkey

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Matt, Levi and I went with my friend Lindsey, her husband, Ryan and their triplets to Zoo Lights!
We had so much fun! It was very chilly that night so we all bundled up!
Levi and Daddy on the train ride.
I put gloves on Levi but didnt mess with putting his fingers in the slots correctly. Levi still wore them, lol!

Levi wanted to run/walk everywhere and didnt like the stroller much

One of many Christmas Trees decorated

Matt and I
Levi and "The Trio"
{Sophie, Chloe and Hollis}

Ferris Wheel

Levi was mesmerized by all the lights

We had a great time!
The following Monday, we had craft time and made these hand/foot turkeys!
The body is the outline of his foot and of course the feathers are LeviMan's hands!

Love the holidays even more having Matt and Levi to make memories with, and to make our own family traditions!!

1 comment:

  1. I bad to stop and think for a minute when I saw Lindsey. Wondered when we went to the zoo together lately. Then I kept reading and it made more sense :)
    We love zoolights. It's such a fun memory to make w/ family.