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December 12, 2012

Unexpected Milestone and some Levi Funnies

I thought sitting at the table like a big boy would've come a little later, but I got a wild hair and took off the arm rests from his highchair one day. I didn't stop to think that the tray actually snapped onto the arm rests? Hello, Ashlee!
It was lunchtime, so here went nothing and everything!
He didnt quite know what to do....

The plate did not last long....AT ALL


After a few meals, he really enjoyed eating at the table with us

Here are some funny things Levi is doing...
When I am in the bathroom, he always puts his fingers under the door so I can get them, lol.

He put this batman mask on at our friend, Maggie's house while over for a playdate. He made this face the whole time too. He cracks me up!

Now, the next several posts are gonna be about our 1st family vacation!!


1 comment:

  1. I had no idea the arm rests clicked off?!?? I'm going to try that today w/ Adeline's seat at her Granny's house!