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October 1, 2013

Big Boy Room: Headboard and Comforter

Labor Day weekend, Matt and I got started on moving Levi to his new Big Boy room. He loves planes and it was safe territory for a growing boy and we also knew that Jett would be fine in Levi's old room which is done in owls.
Our friend, Jason, hooked us up with several pallets for free!
Matt and Levi got started taking them apart to make a full size headboard

Sweet Pic!

This is what we had that was usable after 4 pallets

We then headed to Ace to get wood for the making the back of the headboard
Levi thought the automatic door was funny

Putting the frame together. Matt is a genius! He can make anything work and put together anything!

 Big Boy helping again
This is a rough idea of how it would look

Finishing the frame
Put together headboard. Still needed to be sanded and polyurethaned

The next day, Matt sanded and sanded and sanded until the headboard was smooth enough for little hands

Popsicle break

After sanding

After 3 coats of polyurethane

Completed headboard!
I was in love! Love the rustic-ness of it

We also bought Levi man a new comforter and some orange sheets, his fav color!

Up Next....Bookcase 


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