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August 5, 2013

Triathlon 8/4/2013

Matt participated in his 2nd Sprint Triathlon this past Saturday! He went and set up extremely early, so Levi and I met him closer to start time.

Funny Story: I asked Matt what the #30 was for since I already knew that 501 was his participant number. He just smiled, and I realized, duh! It was his age, lol.

Setting Up

Already to Go!

Levi always enjoys being outside. He kept saying "go,go,go, daddy"
Swim Hat On

Matt and his swimming gear, lol.

Handsome Guys

All Lined up ready to begin the swimming session. Love how most of the guys are standing with hands on hips =)

Coming back in from the swim

Transitioning to the 11 mile road bike session


Watching Daddy

Our friend Brandon and Baby Allie came and cheered Matt on. Brandon was also there for his 1st triathlon.

Taking a water break =)

Coming back in from the biking session

Transitioning to the 2 mile run

Sitting on tree stump waiting on daddy!

Down please, momma

Watching for daddy

There he is!!!

He finished 1:17:36!

Levi was there to hand him water. Sweet Pic!
Helping Daddy

We are so proud of him. Its tough when you are a hardworking man and very devoted daddy who really hates being away from us. He trained very little but I know he is thankful for the opportunity to do the things he loves. His parents paid for his entry fee for his 30th bday!

When we got home, Levi grabbed his tricycle, Matts helmet and shoes and took off, so sweet!


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