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August 1, 2013

My funny little Levi

This boy makes everyday so much better because he makes you smile constantly!
We are normally outside waiting on Matt to get home and Levi LOVES to drive with him as he pulls into the garage.
He also loves to help daddy with the trash

This may be an old pic to some but Levi helped himself to the jar of Nutella and Veggie oil

He is my big helper as we water the flowers

Levi did not like the bouncy house at church one Wednesday night. He stayed like this just watching the other kids

Hiking a football

Swinging baby

Where's Levi??

He made me laugh so hard when he was trying to blend in with this tree. LOL

Always likes my glasses

New way to push the stroller

And new way to enjoy a sucker =)
Silly Faces

Pointing at something at church

He had the most fun opne day playing with the sun visor for the car

He loves to turn the fan on high and say "levi man" hehe

Breakfast with Black Bear

Plying hide and seek

Cookie!!! and 2 seconds later he spat it out. He apparently did not like the m&ms on the cookie. He wanted them separate

Milk always goes on your head!

Oops, knocked down the play house

See.....glasses thing again

Ghost Levi

Supposed to be napping

Dancing shirtless to country music(gag!) in our neighborhood

Learning to climb in and out of bed. He is in a double bed now so thankfully he is afraid to try this =)
He brightens our days and most definitely lights up our nights!


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