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August 26, 2013

Misc Pics from Levi's 25th Month

Day at Nanny's playing with Buddy
Swinging and Bubbles

Big Smile

Playing with his old toys we have for Jett

Jetts's room
(we are actually switching Levi and Jett and making Levi a big boy room

Playing in the rain

Wagon ride with Lucy (his cousin's dog is named Lucy)

Fun morning at the Rockhill. Lots of cool rocks

Recorder that came in the mail from GT

Sweet sleeping Levi

Riding the big wheel

Appreciation gifts for Levi's Life Group Teachers

Blue monkey had to go to the zoo with us

Going through more of Levi's old stuff for baby Jett


1 comment:

  1. I like the idea of Levi getting a new big boy room. That will make him feel special! I love that he calls that stuffed dog Lucy. It looks so much like her too.