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August 29, 2013

Day in the Life: Levi 26mo 8/21/2013

5:45a Matts alarm goes off, but he sleeps in a bit
6:30a I get up and make Matts breakfast and get lunch together
6:35a Matt leaves for work
6:40a Quiet TIme
6:55a Fold Laundry
7a Search Amazon for stuff for Levi's big boy room
7:20a Levi is up change his diaper, Let Azul out and give him a treat, Matt txts to let me know he made it to work
7:40a Breakfast for Levi (nutella toast/banana/bite of bagel and some cereal)
me: Bagel/cereal
8a Clean out pantry while Levi finishes breakfast/set out meat for dinner
8:11a Levi is finished with breakfast, I give him his vitamin(he asks for orange rhino) and he plays. I clean up and make tea
8:18a Notice Levi moving Azul's bed over to the sun. Sweet boy
8:22a Have snuggle time with Levi and have potty pep talk
8:25a Take Levi to potty, he doesnt go
8:29a Sent txt about upcoming Vancouver trip, pour up tea, txt Matt
8:31a Get ready for morning, brush teeth, wash face, clean up bedroom and make bed
8:48a get ready for outside play
8:52a L has meltdown because he wants to plau cars on the kindle
8:57a Give L some teething gel for 2yr molars that are coming in. Get Azul ready
9a Levi watches Sesame Street theme song then we head outside
9:50a After 1.5mile walk and rockhill visit, we drop Azul off, diaper change, refill water
10:05a puzzles, shapes review
10:30a Head to play with the trio
11:20a Back home, turn on PBS, try to potty
11:30a Start Lunch (pb&j triangles, Multi grain chips, peaches and cheese), Pack Matts lunch for the next day and I eat chicken salad
11:53a free play
12:10p Talk to Matt on his lunch break, let Azul out
12:45p Head upstairs for nap
12:55p Levi is asleep
1:10p I shower, check email, nap
2:45p I eat a snack, check blogs
3:15p Levi is up. He gets a snack
3:30p We head to bank and to Sonic Happy Hour with the trio. Azul comes too

4:30p Back home, play outside til 5pm
5p Talk to Daddy
5:06p Put on Charlotte's Web (Levi's Fav right now), I relax/ research anniversary dinner ideas
5:30p I start dinner
5:46p Levi is interested in what I am doing, he plays with playdough. I prep coffee maker for next day. Clean kitchen as I go.
6:05p Sit down for dinner (Chicken Stir Fry)
6:27p Dinner is done, Clean Up
6:39p Daddy calls to say he is headed home from running at Wolf River Trails
6:43p Head outside for bike ride and Azul walk, play with Carolina

7:10p Matt gets home, we play outside
7:30p In for the night, Matt eats/showers
7:45p Matt gives Levi a bath, brush teeth and lotion
8:05p Bedtime Bible Stories and daddy prayers
8:20p Night Night for Levi, I start load of clothes
8:35p Matt and I relax and watch kindle/talk about ministry opportunity
9:50p Switch washer and dryer/ Lights out

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