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July 2, 2013

Zoo Days and the Pet Store!

We met the trio at the zoo for the opening of The Birds and Bees exhibit where you can feed the birds! 
We saw zebras
 Can you spot Levi? He certainly wasnt afraid to get in the middle of everyone to see the animals, lol
 Took a ride on a hippo

and visited the birds and bees exhibt....
Here he is telling me he wanted the stick...

I finally got one on the stick

And tried to hand it to Levi

He was scared...


He quickly grabbed Clark's hand which is the trio's uncle.

Then decided to play in the water the rest of the time!

We of course had to see the elephants

and prairie dogs


He laid on the ground and kept saying duck, sure enough one was in the bushes!



Lunch Break!



Oreos! (on the trip home)

2 weeks later, we ventured out with Daddy back to the zoo. The red pandas were down lower in the tree than usual!

Black Leopard

Petting a tortoise

Watching the sea lion show with his awesome daddy!

We also took a trip to the pet store. He loved the fish
And kept saying meow to the kittens!
Loved watching the dogs
Kept calling this one "lucy" which is his cousins dog


He loves animals and I enjoy taking him places to see them!



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