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July 19, 2013

Wishlist for Baby Jett

Since finding out baby #2 was a boy, I have been so excited. We still have everything from when Levi was a baby and that leaves us without needing much for Baby Jett!!!
We also have had 3 major things taken off the list recently!
1.) A swing! Our dear friends Brandon and Lori gave us a gently used swing. Levi absolutely loved his swing but it was borrowed so we knew that was a major $100+ purchase we needed for baby #2. Now its off the list!!!
2.) A breast pump: Thanks to my friend from life group, Abbey, I discovered that heath insurance companies are paying for and shipping free dual electric breats pumps. This is awesome since this was going to be a $250 purchase. This is the one I will be receiving in November! The whole kit too!! One of my prayer requests is to be able to nurse Jett longer than I did with Levi.

3.) Lastly, is a crib mattress. We switched Levi to a full sized bed that we had, and he adjusted very well. We will then able to use his mattress for baby Jett.

Ok, on to the wish list!
(in no particular order, click on names of items for link)

1.) Diaper Sprayer: Since we will be cloth diapering Jett like we did Levi, I would sure like to have a sprayer this time around!!! Thankful we dont have to buy diapers again!

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer - bumGenius  - Babies"R"Us

2.) Reusable Food Pouches: I was able to make Levi's baby food and hope to have time to do so for baby Jett! I discovered the food pouch phenomenon and have been hooked on the portablitly and ease of having them for Levi on the go. It would be nice to be able to make my own this time.

Product Details

3.) Themometer: We never had a great themometer for Levi, and now we dont even own one. We always had the cheap kind and they just weren't cutting it! We would really likethe Braun ear themometer to be able to use for both boys for a long time. The cost is a little high, but it will be so nice to have!

Product Details
4.) Video Monitor: We have fallen in love with the video monitor that we got for Levi when he moved to a toddler bed. Can't believe we waited so long to invest in one. I will definately need one for baby Jett!!

Product Details
5.) Bottle Drying Rack: This was a luxury item that I didnt have with Levi and would sure like to have it this time around for Jett. Makes drying faster!
Product Image
6.) Changing Table: We built several pieces of furniture for Levi's nursery so we want to build something for Jett too. Another thing I did without for Levi was a changing table. We always used our bed or the guest room. I reeeeeallly would like a changing table this time. This one is plans from our favorite site: ana-white.com Of course, we will paint it for an added pop of color.
Simple Changing Table
7.)Humidifier: We had a humidifier with Levi but it wasn't a filterless kind and man those filters were expensive! We were buying them every 2 weeks during the cold months so this filter free one would be awesome!

Product Details

8.)Medicines: I know now how expensive all the infant medicines are so definitely want to stock up prior to baby Jetts arrival:
Infant Tylenol, Infant Motrin/Advil, Hylands Teething Gel, Gas Drops

9.) Car Seat Canopy: This is one of those cute things that I discovered after having Levi. I think it would be extremely helpful for our Winter baby and especially him being born during cold and flu season!

10.) Nose Frieda Snot Sucker: This next item has been reccomended by my sweet friend Shelby . I know it looks disgusting and it probably is especially since you put one end in your own mouth. But read for yourselves the reviews on Amazon. Its worth trying to me. Anything to help baby sleep better!

Product Details

There is my wishlist for Baby Jett!!! So excited to welcome him into our family! I am 20 weeks and officially half way!!


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  1. Oh Ashlee I just love that name. Jett even looks good when you see it wrote down. I'm so excited sis! I Love you all so much