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July 25, 2013

Blueberry Picking!!

Last Friday we met some friends at a blueberry orchard in Somerville. They had huge blueberry bushes and excellent prices for picking your own blueberries.
While we waited for friends to get there, Levi found rocks to play with
And I couldn't get this boy to look at me and smile for anything......
Seems like he already ate a tart blueberry here, lol
Sweet Friends!
Becca, Levi, Nate and Eli ready for blueberries
Levi was into picking them for about 10 min. He then thought it would be fun to dump them out.

Another friend from church brought her two boys, This was Christian with Becca

See hoe Levi isnt interested, =)

and after an hour, I had just over a half a gallon. We called it quits. buy look at all the blueberries I got for $5!! They are delicious too!

for more info on the blueberry orchard, click here!


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