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March 22, 2013

Ice Cream, Cupcakes and Donuts!

I want to preface this post by saying that Levi does like to indulge in a sweet or two every now and then, but he does eat quite healthy most of the time. I only wanted to state this because of the title. 3 sweets is alot....=)
I treated Levi.....and myself to a blueberry cake donut one morning before church! Don't worry, we shared.
Sonic Ice Cream night! Notice Azul wanting to get some too?
This past Saturday, Levi and I went to our friend Eli's 1st Birthday party. It was at our church's ampitheater and lake.
Birthday Boy 

 This party was right up Levi's alley. Outside, Sticks and lots of rocks!

Becca and Levi

He has been pointing alot lately.

Eli didnt seem to concerned with his smash cake.

Levi kept going over to Mr. Josh (Emily's husband). I think because Josh was closer to the cake than I was, lol.

Still not interested, Eli just kept taking tiny pieces =)

Emily passed out the cupcakes for everyone else. This was levi 2 seconds after getting his.


He soon found this three wheeler and had fun riding/pushing it everywhere

and found some pinecones too. We took some home and plan to make homemade bird feeders with them. Levi enjoyed the party...
and all the sweets lately!!!

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