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March 7, 2013

Completely Random

Here is a random post for ya!

In my MOMs group on Thursday, we are constantly reminded they "we are not raising a house, but raising kids for the Kingdom" and to "find shortcuts in your day" I am always challenged by that!
Those of you who know me well know I like order, and clean, and organized. I have come up with 2 shortcuts that will enable me to spend less time with my house and more with Levi!
1.) Clean dishes after lunch and dinner instead of always loading dishes all day long (this is big for me, I like a clean sink!) But Oh how I love to read books and stuff with Levi more!
2.) Pick up toys at the end of the day instead of all day long. Levi is starting to like to help pick up(not sure how long this will last, =)
We have a "shelf life" of active mothering and I want to spend time investing in eternal things(Godly, Kingdom) and not temporal things(things of this world) and pour everything I have into teaching Levi about the One who died for him so that he could have eternal life!
Matt and I watched the final movie of the Twilight series Saturday night. I was able to see it in the theaters, but Matt had yet to see it. He loved it and thought they made the movie really well. I of course loved it and the whole series is by far my favorite movies..........SERIOUSLY!! I cried at the end when they went through and named every charactor that had been part of the movies from the 1st one. It was awesome!! Emily.....I need to get you to watch them, lol!
oh, and I would so wear this shirt (release dates of the movies)

I am loving these sunglasses for Levi. Will need to get some for him soon!
I added pages from my old blog including recipes, DIY, etc. I was tired of going back and forth between blogs, now its all on my new one!
Levi and I are headed to the zoo tommorrow to see Sting Ray Bay! So excited!!
Just some random thoughts for ya today!

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  1. You couldn't pay me enough to watch Twilight :-P