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March 3, 2013

19 Months Pic Wrap Up

Levi turned 20 months last Wednesday. Here are random pics from his 19th month

Levi is all boy. It was wet and cold one day but he INSISTED on going outside to play. He came back like this, muddy from head to toe. You really can't see all the mud because his jacket is brown, lol.


Lowe's day! I love Matt's expression. He loves his little boy

Fun Ride!

Matt loves to take Levi to toys r us (just to browse) but I am sure in the very near future, it will not be just browsing. lol

New coloring books for Valentines

Levi does not like the vacuum. I found him like this one day as I was vacuuming the upstairs. He wasn't crying or anything, just chilling. He does tremble though. It is the weirdest thing.

New shoes. They match Daddy's.

Papa and Nanny brought this fun toy back from their lake house. The cousins will have fun with this, this summer!

Levi is really starting to imitate all that we do. He was running around with the pot holder saying "hot, hot, hot" 

Sweet Pic

This last month he has really started to eat at the table *a bit more peacefully* . He eats off a plate and uses a spoon and fork very well.

Eating cereal like mommy

The boy loves his balls.
***Get your head out of the gutter***

This is where Matt sits when we eat. For a few days, Levi sat and wanted to be in daddy's seat for everything.

Azul is about to attack Levi in this picture....scroll down you will see why............

He was attacking Azul with a broom. Poor Zul

Not sure what he is doing here

Nanny bought this drink for Levi. He is terrified of it and runs. The face is a little buggish looking.

Put my coffee table back like a normal person would have it instead of on the fireplace

And this is what Levi does 75% of the time...

Black eye from falling on chair

Hide and Seek in cabinets

Lunch out with his Great Grandpa Spike and Deedee(Devona)
 Happy 20 Months Levi Man!!!


  1. The boy loves his balls.
    ***Get your head out of the gutter***

    Made me laugh out loud! too funny :)

  2. Those are some really good pics. Does he have a basket ball goal? you know, the fisher price one that you can move up and down. I remember Noah loving his.Kiss Levi for me and tell him G.T. loves him everyday.