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January 18, 2013

Random Pics

Cute pic of Azul
{side note: The first thing Levi says when he wakes up in the mornings is "Sul" "Sul" and goes around to all his usual spots to find Azul} Its super cute!
Enjoying "A Charlie Brown Christmas" recordable book read by G.T
Learning to drink from a cup with out a lid

Tantrum Time. He didnt want in his car seat

This is what he does when he throws a tantrum, lays flat on his back

helped himself to an early dinner. I didnt realize he could reach that far, lol

We had to "Levi Proof" our pantry because Levi will not and can not stay out of it. He wants to play in Azul's food, beg for Smarties, and other things all.day.long

Handsome Guys before church. I stayed home this day due to a cold, but I am so thankful for Matt who is a hands on daddy and doesn't mind taking Levi solo. I'm one lucky lady =)

Walking around trying to find daddy

Sweet smile from the back seat

Trying to tell Levi to STOP feeding Azul EVERYTHING

Love Love Love to listen to Matt over the monitor read and sing to Levi at night. I give Levi a bath and he puts him to bed.

Watching daddy plant trees

Fun New Years Eve night at our neighbors house. Matt and Brandon (Maggie's husband) watched football and we all played with the kiddos. Levi loved this shopping cart

and vacuum

We spent a Saturday running errands and ended up at the mall.  We let Levi ride the carousel.

Happy Friday to You!

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  1. O.K. sis. You're smart. You have fixed it to were I cannot share any of Levi's pics. That's O.k. as long as I can see my Levi man I'm cool. Love ya