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January 28, 2013

18 Month Pic Wrap Up and Building Faith @ Home

Eating Snack like a big boy (a.k.a not dumping entire ziploc bag upside down )
Snuggled up in Snuggie =) watching Baby Genius
Playdate at our neighbor's house. Levi loved finding things to try on this particular day

Chef Hat

Cozy Coupe Car Ride

Pushing Azul around in Cozy Coupe

He looks thrilled, yes?

Where's Levi?

Helping Mommy dust shelves

Azul hates the windshield wipers, this shows how intense they make him =)

While Azul barks at the wipers, Levi Man is chill in the backseat with a sucker

Handsome Little Guy

I have been convicted lately, that our home doesn't really show that God is the head/leader of our home. I want Levi to grow up seeing God's Word and His promises throughout our home.
I started by framing "12 Scripture Verses to Pray in 2013" that my pastor Steve Gaines
preached on recently. I want to memorize these for this year. Matt bought me this frame set for Christmas!
We also wanted Levi to see that we pray for others. I made prayer requests sticks and we randomly choose 2 each night before dinner. Levi always closes our prayers with a loud and adorable "Amen" =)
I am hoping to add more and more faith building elements through out our house!

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  1. I noticed those sticks the other nite. I really enjoyed Levi. The time I spent was just to short. Love ya