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November 24, 2012

16 Month Pic Wrap Up

Discovering his strawberry birthmark
Running wild in Walmart
Climbs onto everything

Lego table at the portrait studio. These girls were lego hogs. Levi showed them when he knocked over their tower. I laughed ;-)

Cookie at Kroger. Did you know the bakery gives free sugar cookies?

Big boy feeding himself applesauce

Cutie Pie!

Wondering what was on the dishwasher
Drum Time
Listening to Veggietales with Daddy

Loves to scribble with crayons
I had fun with the magnets too!
Licking up milk from the floor. Reeeeally good thing the floors were clean.
Boys will be boys!
Learning to come down stairs
I have a post about our trip to the park, zoo lights to get up this week. Hopefully it will happen!

1 comment:

  1. i can't get over how grown up he is....oh my, just since I saw him, he's gotten so big and has changed so much...he's still a handsome little boy. Give him a squeeze from us!