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February 24, 2014

November/December 2013

Ok, I am going to try blogging once a month like several of my friends do. I will be dissapointed later if I dont capture and record these daily things that go on in the Workman household! 
*Welcomed Jett to our family
*Levi spends weekend with his cousins
*Getting adjusted to life as a family of four
*Got Jett settled on a formula
*Tried to spend alot of one on one time with Levi man
*Matt signed up for a 4part winter running series
*Levi came down with Hands, Foot and Mouth
*Went to a walk thru presentation of Jesus Birth at church
*J's 1st time at church
*Aunt Christie's Visit

We spent alot of Friday mornings at Sega Gym. They have a preschool hour and Levi loves this place!
Playdough Necklace

My awesome SIL and MIL threw me a shower for some nessecities for Jett

We made a rice filled snowman

Enjoyed some beautiful fall weather

Sweet Boy growing up waaay to fast...

loves digging in the dirt

we met daddy for a lunch date out before Jett came the next week

Helped make the traditional jam cake for Matt's family's Thanksgiving dinner

Levi spent the weekend at his cousins house and was spoiled rotten! Matt and I were busy at the hospital having his baby brother!
 Mr. Jett Hendrix Workman joined our family on 11/30/2013

G.T came and helped mommy alot after Matt went back to work

We all kept busy with Christmas crafts and fun activities

like this:
walk thru presentation of Jesus' birth at Bellevue Baptist

Tried my best to get this sweet baby on a routine. FAILED, but he sure looks sweet sleeping

learned life skills such as changing tires

Opened stockings early!

Got aquainted as brothers

Christmas was much different this year because of having a newborn. We skipped out on alot due to not wanting jman around alot of people and sickness. We did see family though!

Played with our new toys from Christmas!

this sweet boy finally started to feel better once we got him on the right formula and reflux medicine

Matt suprised Levi with seeing a real monster truck!

Jett turned one month old!

Enjoying tummy time!

Trying to get January and February's post up by the end of this week + a few catch up posts then I will post once a month!

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  1. YAY I love to read your blogs. So glad you are planning to continue even just once a month. Christmas was a crazy one. With David coming down with the flu a few days before it, we postponed ours and made sure to stay away from you guys so none of you would get it. Here's to a easier 2014!