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October 17, 2013

Random Sept. Pics

Frog in a bucket!
 Thomas the Train
Watching the Trash men
Painting Fun

New Neighbor Gift

Acting like a mummy. He had alot of fun doing this

Trying out big boy underwear

Snake outside our door

Drinking pool water like Azul

Excited to have mommy's drink

Ready for the college football season

Walking Azul
Swinging Time

Grateful for sweet Life Group teachers who miss Levi when we miss church

He loves all kinds of nuts

Helping put away the spoons

Putting quarters, pennies and dimes into his bank
The only way we grocery shop anymore =)
Cashews, again. His snack of choice
Took Levi out of cloth diapers to get ready for baby brother. Converted them back to newborn (Left)
Stopped to see the cows on the side of the road

Helping with dishes

Airplane pics in his closet

Playing "drums"

Gospel Fuzzies Song

Sweet boy hiding from me. Looks like Matt and his sister here

Good friend, Carolina
Setting the table

Crazy Kid!

Cleaning rocks with wet wipes

Outside picnic

Azul enjoying the sun

Our tall handsome boy

Matt built this outdoor storage box out of leftover pallet wood

Wagon Walk

Mommy and Me pic

This was taken the morning I left for my mission trip to Vancouver

Happy September Pics!



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