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September 9, 2013

Random Pics

Sweet Smile as Levi climbs into dryer
2yr check up

This boy loves dogs! Luckily sweet Elton didnt mind him pulling on his tail
Bubble Machine

Swinging with Azul

Superman Tattoo

Riding our neighbors bike

Helping himself to a popsicle

Took a bite out of the lemons before we made it home. He loves lemons just as much as I

Helping with muffins

Azul helping himself to a drink of water

Ring Pop!

Best Smile Ever! He was excited to be wearing daddy's shirt

Getting ready to see baby brother on ultrasound, thats why he is wearing his big bro shirt

New potty seat

Sitting on bubbles

Washing his car, lol

Helping daddy mow the lawn

Reading books

And Azul wanting some attention!

Taking shopping at Aldi in

Eating a fruit strip

Failed attempt at peach cobbler

Painting with water, thanks GT

Water Spray Bottle Fun

Driving in the driveway with daddy

Garage Sale score for LEvi for Fall. $3 for all this!

Cutie Pie

Riding his balance bike

He is always smiling

New App on Kindle. Piano fun


Playdough fun! We have since made him alot of homemade playdough. It beats the store bought stuff anyday

Mommy time

Spoiled by happy hour at Sonic

Watching rainstorm


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