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August 8, 2013

Random Pics from Levi's 23rd Month

This post is 2 months late, I am slowly catching up =)
Playtime in the pool with Azul
Walking Azul

TV Time. He is starting to sit still for 15 min or so. Its especially nice so I can get lunch or dinner ready

Breakfast Time


Completed Numbers puzzle by himself!

Wagon Walk

Checking out the trio's chickens

Lady Bug Friend

Helping daddy with the trash can

Park Day

Splash Park birthday party for Levi's friend, Annabelle

We then went to a gender reveal party for Lindsey (trio's mom) She is adding a girl to her clan in October.

Memorial Day cookout. Azul waits patiently for the food =)

Couch time with giraffe at nanny's

Car Ride with mommy (up the driveway)

Using tool puzzle pieces to "fix" things

Moon bounce and slide at church. Thankful to my friend Lauren who went in with Levi, who was a bit afraid =)

Dr. Appt with mommy to check on baby brother

Trying to put shoes on

Big helper in the kitchen putting away spoons
Always fun to watch the garbage truck

Bike time at Maggie;s house. (neighbor)

Silly Boy

Park Time with Daddy!!

1st Day of VBS

Taking all of VBS in....

Sprinkler fun from G.T

Tool Time

Haircut night for both guys

Park time with cousins

and ice cream too


More painting. Levi loves arts and crafts time

New basketball cup from the $ store

Birthday Treat

gum too

Getting ready for the lake with a new puddle jumper

Killing time before lunch with friends

Catching a glimpse of what a family of four will look like =)
(im holding my nephew Beaux)

Thats a wrap from his 23rd Month!


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