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July 9, 2013

Fishing Rodeo and Baby #2 Update!

UPDATE: We are having a boy!!!! Jett Hendrix is his name. He will join our family early December! SO excited!!!
A few weekends ago, Matt heard about this free fishing rodeo for kids, so we thought it would be a good time to take Levi fishing for the 1st time
He really enjoyed holding the crickets. When you asked him what did the crickets say, he said "yibbet" (like "ribbitt" or frog)
Watching daddy get it all together

He was cracking us up "talking" to the fish

Reeling the rod

Love this pic of them two together
Still holding the crickets

Azul got to come too, he really enjoyed being outdoors

 Sweet Pic
When asked if he wanted to touch a real fish, he backed away lol

Great day with my guys and thankful for the time spent together!



  1. Yay! For a healthy nephew!!!! You REALLY need to get on Instagram. Just ask for a smart phone as a "find out the gender" gift. Lol. Love these pictures!

  2. What great pics. So glad he likes to fish. It is such a good and clean sport.