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May 22, 2013

Destin, FL Day 3

Day 3, Levi was up early so we ate breakfast and headed to meet some sweet friends from Life Group that was in Destin the same week.
Levi met this boy named Henry. Henry wasn't afraid of the ocean and that helped Levi come out of his shell!

Matt and Me

Can't believe Levi kept his glasses on =)

This pic cracks me up, it look like Levi is checking out the babes in bikinis. lol

By the end of the morning, Levi was really braving the waves


After seeing his friends Kendall and Annabelle in the pool, he was brave once again and went right in

After lunch at McAlisters =) and a nap, we went and toured a local RV show. Levi and I really enjoyed that!

We went to dinner at McGuires (Best Hamburgers) and then strolled around Harbor Walk Village. This place is Awesome!

Levi and I took a train ride

Sweet boy who is getting too big to fast

Best Guys in my life! Especially the one wearing the monkey back pack. =)

We went for a night beach walk and were able to see a wedding

Swet footprints from Levi man

Love this cute face


Thats a wrap folks!
The next day involved alot of driving and one fussy boy. It was all worth it though!!

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