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March 13, 2013

Sting Ray Bay

Levi and I were able to meet up with some other moms and kids last Friday to see the new Sting Ray Bay at the Memphis Zoo!
This is his pic before we headed out!
1st Zoo day of the year

We first saw the lions, and a zoo keeper had this *REAL*  lion mane for anyone who wanted to touch it. Apparently, Levi isnt as grossed out as much as Virginia and I were. LOL.

Me and Levi man with Lion in the background (on tree)

Big boy loves to walk around

We headed to Sting Ray Bay next.

Levi was really excited bout them. Love this pic!

He couldn't reach them and didn't really care for me to lift him up to see them, so he was content to watch like this

The sting rays came right up to the sides so you could touch them

Sweet friend Lori and her son Luke. She just had baby Allie at the end of January.

Lauren and her son Hunter are beside Levi

Levi got a sticker that said, "I touched a Sting Ray". He himself put it on his head. Silly boy!

 He also loved walking holding onto the stroller. He did really well.

Sweet, sweet friends. Becca and Nate with Levi looking at the chickens

All the momma's and kids from our Life Group (that could make it). I love each one of these ladies(and their kids). Special sweet friends! I got this pic from Shelby =)
Hippos! I have never seen them outside the water. They are humongous!

Singing "elephant, elephant" from Barney, that is why he is leaning.

watching the giraffes with Becca

up close with a goat!

Fun zoo day with friends! Thanks nanny and papa for the membership!!

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  1. Looks like ya'll had a fun day. I love that pic of him looking excited over the sting rays. I'm so happy for you sis.My prayers have been answered. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy. You are blessed. I LOVE YOU.......Mom