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January 9, 2013

Christmas 2012

I'm 2 weeks late posting about Christmas...oops!
I have to note that there aren't many pictures. If Matt isn't taking them, then I dont have any, because I would rather spend time enjoying the moment then taking pictures)
On the 23rd, my mom and brothers came over to exchange gifts. We had tacos, cheese dip and Abuelo's salsa for dinner, yummy!
Levi got a sports car ;-)

Some play food, pots and pans

A cozy coupe car

We went to our church's Christmas Eve service,  Levi is pretending to talk on the phone with a mini flashlight =)

After the Christmas Eve service, we headed to spend the evening with my extended family. He got lots of goodies there too. My cousin Brandi and Zach took these pictures with Levi.

 Christmas morning, Levi got up and saw what Mommy and Daddy got him. We got him a ball pit and tunnel

Then we headed over to his Nanny and Papa's house for Christmas with cousins.
Here he is with his papa.

Uncle Tim and Aunt Lindsey got him the cutest razorback hat and hoodie. so cute!!

We had a day after Christmas snow

He also got some cars from Nanny Lou

and also a magna doodle, which he loves and buzz light year pjs from nanny and papa.

Grandma Judi (G.T) had a friend make him this step stool. Could this be any cuter??

And another shot of the hat and hoodie!

He got several other things from friends and family that I dont have a picture of. He is very loved for sure!!  We had a fantastic Christmas.

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