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December 17, 2012

Days 1: New Orleans and Day 2: Embarkation

We started off in the right direction for Levi, thanks to my neighbor Maggie. She hooked us up with dvd players and lots of dvds.
{This was taken the night before we left}

I saw this idea on Pinterest to take a pic of all your luggage and child on their 1st family vacation ;-)
Levi looks really thrilled, huh?
Oh, and I must mention that we all are packed in just 2 suitcases and a backpack for 8 nights. Man, I am the packer...haha! The other two red bags didnt go with us. One was packed for Azul and one had the dvds!

Around 9 am we were off on 1 big adventure! It started with taking Azul to spend 8 days with his nanny, papa and nanny Lou. Yes, Azul has a carseat!
After we dropped Azul off, we headed off to New Orleans.
Levi was sucked into Dinosaur Train and I now know the lyrics to the theme song by heart. Matt is working on them, lol.

Saying "cheese"

We stopped on the other side of Jackson, MS to a Burger King. Have you ever seen a digital Coke machine? I was so enamored by this thing. I was the one embarrassing Matt by taking pictures.
Levi tuckered out after lunch
We made it to the hotel in New Orleans about 4:30. Levi loved running down the long hallways.
I must note that Levi Man did AWESOME on the trip down to New Orleans. He shocked both Matt and I.

And since we like to book off of Hotels.com and get a really cheap rate, we ended up with a Handicap Accessible room. This has happened to us several trips now.
Funny Story:
Levi found the shower stool and began playing with it. When I finally realized that peoples booties had probably sat on this stool, we immediately washed his hands and I sanitized the seat very very very well. He continued to play with it until Matt put it up =)

He loved being able to jump on the bed. He didnt want to sleep in the crib they provided but finally did and slept pretty well.
After breakfast the next morning, we made a trip to Walmart to grab an inexpensive digital camera since ours decided that it didnt want to take our vacation pics and stopped working. We also picked up some drinks and some other things for our last shopping trip before getting on the ship.

We got to the Port of New Orleans about 10:30 and were treating like V.I.Ps since we had Levi. We skipped so many people checking in. WooHoo for having LeviMan with us!!!
We did however have to wait like everyone else until the ship was ready to board. We were in zone 13.
This was Levi waiting and watching the cars below.

Everyone waiting to start their fun vacation.
We passed the time watching Levi run around like a mad man =)

Levi with the Carnival Conquest in the background. It was a Huge Ship!

Pointing to ships and cruise workers

Our zone was called and we headed onto the ship.

Levi immediately found the stairs. Little did he know, but the ship was 12 decks high.

He enjoyed fresh watermelon for the entire trip. There was never enough watermelon, lol.

and it seems that Levi loved the Carnival beds as much as Matt and I. =)

Each night there was a new towel animal and my mission was to get Levi's pic with all of them. I only succeeded with a few. He always ran for them when we came back to our cabin each night.
This one was a walrus.

That was the end of our 1st day on the ship.
I didnt get any pictures of our Muster drill, which is the lifeboat and life jacket safety drill, everyone onboard has to do. Levi did awesome through it.
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  1. Love the pictures! Dinosaur train is the best! I know all the lyrics myself :)